3 Interesting Quotes from FedEx Q1 Earnings Call ($FDX)

It’s been a few weeks since FedEx announced poor Q1 F2020 results and reduced 2020 EPS guidance to $11.00 – $13.00 per share.  Shares dropped ~15% on the news and what was another negative earnings surprise from FedEx.  The earnings call had some interesting soundbites, […]

Analysis of FedEx ($FDX) – Stock Investment Research

Fedex pays a small dividend (1.6%) and trades at just 11x forward earnings estimates.  Its stock price has come off significantly since late last year when it had some unexpected management departures, announced poor Q2 results, and lowered forward looking guidance.  Further, in June, Fedex […]

Stock Analysis – Chorus Aviation ($CHR.TO)

This Canadian regional aviation business has a 6% dividend yield.  It trades at ~9x earnings per share (EPS), and recently signed an extension of its commercial agreement with Air Canada through 2035. Currently, Chorus Aviation has high customer concentration, with Air Canada representing 90% of […]

Comparing the Uber and Lyft IPOs

Two high profile ride sharing competitors (Uber and Lyft) both went public in 2019.  The combined market capitalization of both at IPO totaled over $100B. Neither company is profitable, but both have been experiencing strong top line growth rates (2 year revenue compound annual growth […]