Global stock markets are down 20% – 30% over the last few weeks and officially in bear market territory.   I wanted to post a video with some of my thoughts on how to deal with periods of volatility as an investor, as well as #bull, base, and #bear case scenarios for where the stock market might go from here.

Obviously, there is the global coronavirus pandemic which is the main reason for the market downturn, but in addition to that, Saudi Arabia and Russia decided to increase global oil supply during a period of weakening demand, causing WTI to drop to $30.  Add in the upcoming US election this year and there is definitely a lot for the markets to digest.

This video reviews the last few weeks in the markets (very ugly!), discusses key strategies for investors during these volatile times, outlines considerations and scenarios for the market going forward, and concludes with how I am investing during this period.

NOTE: I do not want to downplay the seriousness of the coronavirus from a health perspective.  Talking about its impact on the markets seems trivial to the very real health concerns.  That said, this is a stock market channel.  Please stay safe everyone!

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